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Krsnaraya king of the city and the kingdom, so that he might
nde the state in his place. He also gave Krsnaraya his signet-
ring at an auspicious moment.

Accordingly the ministers, captains, officials, noblemen
and the men of learning who were at the court* gave
Krsnaraya a ceremonial bath at an auspicious moment and
seated him upon a golden settle placed on a platform specially
erected for the occasion. At their instance, he distributed the
'• ten danas] 'the sixteen maha-danas,' and performed the
svarpa-tula the rajata-tula and the mauktika-tula.^ Moreover, he
also performed the merits, made gift of one crore of cows, and
established a thousand families. Then the Brahmans chanting
the Vedic mantras bathed him at an auspicious moment in the
water brought from the four oceans and the sacred rivers such
as the Granga, Yamuna, Sarasvatf, Grodavari, Narmada, Sindhu,
Kaveri and Tamraparni, while the musicians played on the
eighteen kinds of musical instruments. Next, they bathed
him also in a shower of gold coins and gems. The moisture
was wiped off by means of a newly washed white cloth , and
a finely kneaded paste of sandal, musk and aloe-wood was
smeared upon his body. He then put on a garment of golden
hue, and gave permission to his courtiers to retire to their
respective residences.

The Eaya next dined in the company of his sons-in-law,
sons*, relations, friends, and followers, and having washed his

* The dalanZyakas Ayyaparasa, Kondamarasa, Blear lisa, Yallamarasa, Vlraniarasa,
i, Yellanadannayaka, Laksmanadannayaka, A.pparapm»l, Mannarupiftai, RSyasam
Rwnaeandrayya, Bokkasam Bhaskarayya, Avisaram Venkatsiyya, Triambakayya Laksml-
pati, the ministtr Tipparasa, DSlavSy Lingarasu, Sajuva Kara..., Araviti Bukkaraju, Sajuva
Mektraju, the chiefs of the Srlpati, BSdahaJ]i, NandSla, A-wukn and Toragallu families,
RIcSri Timmaraja Sangaraju, Pemmasaui Akkappa Nayu^u, the chief of Velug<5<Ju ; and
the Kamma and Tmluva nobles ; the Pan4its of the palace such as Caturvedi Ramadlkslta,
K^fnavadhanla who could compose verse in eight languages, the astrologer Prabhakara
who T?as a Szhasravadkant, poets and all th« other*.

a balance.   The king -weighed himself against gold, silver and pearls
which he distributed among the people.
J See the foot-note to the extract No. 96 on p. 79.